Opportunities for Service

We offer a wide variety of courses covering several areas of Parish Life.


If you are interested in any of our courses please ask our parish secretary to put you in touch with the person responsible for the course.   

Alpha Coursewp0476e2b4.gif

From time to time we run this very blessed programme of teaching designed to assist people to address any questions they have about their faith and help their faith to become more real.

Person responsible : Gail Renze

Renewal Week

We normally run a week of Renewal just before the start of Lent

Lent Course

We run an annual course on Wednesdays in Lent around the theme of Christian living and growth

Baptism Preparation:

We run courses explaining baptism and the implications for parents who would like their children baptized.  We arrange baptisms from time to time according to need. 

Please contact the Rector.

Admission to Communion:

In recent years, the Church as a whole has been seeing baptism as initiation into full membership of the family of God. We encourage the admission of young children to Communion but leave the actual decision as to the readiness of the children entirely to the parents.  Courses of instruction are run at the beginning of each year for our young people to enable newcomers to come on board and also as a refresher and deepening for those already admitted.  If you are uncertain or would like to know more, please contact the Rector.wpb9b97c80.gif

Confirmation Preparation:

We have an annual Confirmation service.  Preparation classes for both young people and adults are arranged.  We normally encourage adults to attend an Alpha Course as part of their instruction.  As Confirmation is no longer the requirement for admission to Communion, we are able to focus on receiving the strengthening gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Person responsible :Hilton Hing

Marriage Preparation:

We arrange these courses from time to time according to need.  Those wishing to be married need to give adequate notice of their intention to the Rector.